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Porta Potty For Women

Yes its PINK!! This is our standard Female portable toilet. The main difference between this unit and our typical standard unit is its distinct pink color and lack of a urinal. Most of our competitors place a “Women Only” sticker to differentiate Womens from Mens Rooms. We take it a lot further.


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Having all the bells and whistles can be nice, but sometimes all you need is the basics. Whether it be for a construction site or a special event, the basic portable restroom will satisfy your basic sanitation needs. The basic portable restrooms from Potty Pros is constructed from a lightweight plastic material which makes it quite durable and very easy to move. Each porta potty is self contained and comes equipped with a toilet, urinal and a fully stocked toilet paper dispenser. It also features a lockable door with in-use indicator for privacy, a vent pipe for proper ventilation and a 60-gal holding tank for maximum usage..


This portable toilet has all the accessories of an indoor public restroom, yet it is completely mobile and self-contained, requiring no outside water source. It’s no secret that washing your hands will help keep germs and bacteria at bay. This is especially true when using a portable bathroom. It’s because of this need that we carry our standard portable restroom which comes equipped with a foot operated running water sink, soap dispenser, hand sanitizer dispenser and paper towel holder for quick and efficient hand washing. The hand washing sink has a foot operated pump for hands free washing to further prevent spread of bacteria. Now you can relax knowing the spread of germs are at ease. The standard portable restroom has a toilet (no urinal) and is ideal for job-sites, or special events, food preparation areas where hand washing is essential. It will be delivered to your site fully charged and ready to use! Please note we try to keep these units generally within a 20 foot paved surface so our service vehicles can service.


Our ADA Compliant Wheelchair Portable Restroom is our largest portable restroom, designed to exceed the American Disability Association’s portable toilet guidelines. It is equipped with an oversized self-closing door for easy access, a flat-floor design which allows wheelchairs to roll in and out, a 360° turn radius inside the unit for wheelchair maneuverability, strategically positioned handrails for those with special needs. With its spacious interior, the ADA unit is also the ideal unit for family-friendly events, when users will be children accompanied by a parent. ADA Portable Restrooms have become increasingly popular to ensure maximum accessibility to accommodate most portable restroom users. For persons with physical disabilities or mobility impairments, our ADA units are access, security and comfort on a large scale.


The High Rise Portable Restroom was designed exclusively for construction sites where space is extremely limited. It features a low profile design which makes it easy to load in and out, especially where freight elevators may be used. The high rise portable restroom is also equipped with 4 heavy-duty lockable casters for maximum mobility within your work site. All of our High Rise Portable Restrooms feature a toilet on the inside of the unit and a urinal on the back. This allows workers easy access and comfort. These restrooms can also be retro-fitted with a hood to block out the elements and add extra privacy. This is especially something to consider for those outdoor jobs where a roof hasn’t been constructed yet.


When you bring the restrooms to the workers, your job site stays efficient. Potty Pro’s Crane Hook Porta Johns work great for those construction sites where access is limited, whether above ground or below ground. This especially makes them popular with roofers, solar installers , steel workers and high rise construction workers. The crane sling attaches to a basic portable toilet by using the plastic skid for base support and galvanized steel legs for safe and easy lifting. All of our crane hook attachments come fully assembled upon delivery so you can be up and running immediately.


As you know, proper hand washing is an important practice in helping prevent the spread of germs and bacteria while reducing the risk of illness. With that being said, Potty Pros Washing Stations can be a great addition to your special event or construction site restroom order. Whether planning a carnival, marathon, job site, private party or even a wedding reception your guests will appreciate knowing there is a safe place for them to properly wash and sanitize their hands. Our Portable Hand wash Sink is a completely self-contained unit with fresh water tank and waste water tank and after delivery is ready for immediate use. Depending if you choose a two person or four person sink, they have various capacities from 245 uses to 450 uses per fill up. All of our Hand Washing Stations come fully stocked with water, hand soap and paper towels.


Office Trailer systems fresh water delivery system provides 100 gallons of fresh water capacity with a built-in, on-demand pump that can be connected to a mobile office trailer restroom for water delivery into the restroom. This allows you to have running water to a sink and low flow toilet .We can install a freshwater system for your office trailer if a water supply is not available. Combine with a waste holding tank (when sewer connection is not available) for the waste containment. Holding tanks are perfect for construction site office trailers, as they can easily be placed under trailers and connected in tandem with additional tanks. Both items are available for equipment rental and service options. Most of customers require once a week servicing, but some can happen as often as twice a week or as infrequent as twice a month. This is a great, low-cost way to get the equipment on site that you need to make the restroom in your jobsite trailer functional and keep you and your staff out of the elements.


  • (1) 250-Gallon Waste Tank
  • (1) 100-Gallon Fresh Water Tank
  • (1) Pressure Pump 110V
  • Plumbing connections & fittings optional
  • Soap & Towel dispensers optional
  • Hand Sanitizers optional
  • Insulated Tanks optional
  • Water/Waste lines insulated & heat tape optional


Single Unit Trailer Mounted Restrooms are the perfect solution for those who are always on the go. These basic portable restrooms are mounted to a small single axle trailer which allows easy transportation from work area to work area. They are perfect for Road Construction projects, farms, utility crews, etc.

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